Romanian President Traian Basescu presented on Tuesday night his point of view regarding to the censure motion against the Liberal government to be discussed on Wednesday in Parliament.

He said that unless the motion fails to bring down the government three options would be available: a Democratic (PD) prime minister to lead a coalition government formed of Democrats, Liberals and Liberal-Democrats, a national union government or, if any of these fail, early elections.

The President said that he wanted to make his vision clear. He declared that any democratic party would support cross-party negotiations and compromises as long as transparency is maintained.

Basescu said that no matter the vote, the Romanian political environment needed to overcome the current blockage. Thus, the President wished a government with a safe majority in Parliament.

The current Liberal government controls way less than the needed 50% in Parliament. The censure motion to be voted in the Parliament on Wednesday was submitted by the opposition Social Democrats (PSD), based on what they call a "chaotic" government".