Romania's Transportation minister is concerned that EU plans to expand the European transportation networks do not take Romania into accoun when it comes to road infrastructure. European Commission representatives say that Romania will get 4.6 billion euro by 2013 to implement transportation-related projects. Romania’s contribution would amount to 1.1-1.2 billion euro.

Deputy director of General Directorate for Energy and Transportation Zoltan Kazatsay said that changes to the transportation policies of the European Union should reflect in changes within the two new member states.

Out of 30 top priority European infrastructure projects, four take Romania into account: the Athens-Sofia-Budapest highway which would connect Bucharest and Constanta; the Athens - Sofia-Vienna railway; solving traffic-related problems on river Danube; and the port of Constanta.

Kazatsay says that these projects will improve the access between Greece and Turkey. He adds that the infrastructure will not only permit a better tourism mobility but also an increase of available jobs.