The Soros Foundation Romania presents on Tuesday the conclusions of a report studying the impact of the migration upon children left home alone by parents leaving for work abroad. Program coordinators consider that the official number of children in this situation is undervalued.

According to official data presented by the National Authority for Child Care, 82,000 children are found in this particular situation, according to Romanian monitoring agency Rador. However, according to the report, some 170,000 pupils are left home alone.

The Soros Foundation study is part of the project called “Migration and Development” where the social effects upon the community are analyzed.

According to the report, Suceava county in northern Romania registered about 10,000 parents that left to work abroad.

The phenomenon has a serious impact upon the children. The report gives the example of a 12 year old boy that hanged himself after he found out his mother will go in Italy.