Former Industry minister Dan Ioan Popescu was cleared by Romanian prosecutors on Monday in a case related to how he and his wife accumulated an impressive fortune during Popescu's stay in the Social Democratic (PSD) government of 2000-2004, Romanian news agency NewsIn reports. However, the decision can be appealed against.

The politician’s case was suspended on September 19 after being postponed for almost a year because his lawyers raised several claims of non-constitutionality.

Thus, the Court sent the case to the Constitutional Court to decide whether the 13 articles raised from a law regulating checks on the wealth of high-ranking officials could reverse the presumption of legality of the officially mentioned assets.

The prosecutor assigned for the case agreed with the request arguing that the law was not fully updated.

Dan Ioan Popescu and his wife were accused by a special Committee investigating the wealth of high rank officials that they cannot legally justify 46 billion Romanian RON accumulated when he served as a member of the government.

The two defended themselves arguing that the money came from selling the shares of a company they owned, Ital Agency.