Romanian President Basescu showed up in Bucharest's University Square on Saturday night to comply with his promise that he would meet his supporters regularly after they helped him pass an impeachment referendum in spring this year.

Some 1,000 people attended the manifestation where Basescu only spoke for several minutes given that another demonstration was taking place in the vicinity.

Basescu's speech lacked political statements as the square hosted a counter-manifestation, organized by ex-President Emil Constantinescu and the National Peasants Party (PNTCD).

Basescu asked the police to knock down the fences delimitating the supporters, saying that “Romanians need to be together”.

President Basescu explained to the journalists that he was unable to deliver the promised report to the people due to the counter-manifestation. Basescu said he will produce the report in the last weekend of December.

In May this year, as he survived a referendum aimed at removing him from office, Basescu had promised to deliver regular reports on his accomplishments as head of state.

On the other side of the fence, former Romanian President, Emil Constantinescu who organized the counter-manifestation without the needed approvals said that he wante to prevent the Square - which was the main stage of the Romanian revolution in 1989 - to become an electoral tool.