Romanian President Traian Basescu said in a TV talk-show on Thursday night that should a motion censure tabled against the current Liberal-dominated government pass in the Parliament, he would push for the re-creation of the late governing alliance of Liberals (PNL), Democrats (PD) and Liberal Democrats (PLD).

He said he had already told Mircea Geoana, the leader of the opposition Social Democrats (PSD), who tabled the motion in the Parliament, that he would never name him prime minister but would push for a PD head of government.

A PNL-PD government ruled Romania after the 2004 elections but collapsed at the height of a major political crisis in spring this year when the PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s Liberals removed all PD ministers - seen as close to Tariceanu’s archrival Basescu - in a government reshuffle.

PLD is a political group formed of ex-members of the PNL who abandoned the party and allied with the Democrats over the past year.

The PSD has been threatening with a motion censure against the incumbent government for months. The party finally submitted it for reading in the Parliament as the group has been negotiating a possible accession to government ranks. The motion is due to be voted in early October.

Basescu said his saw the organization of European Parliament elections as the top political priority for the time being.