The cost of the portal for the Romanian SMEs developed by the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing (MDPWH) is valued at 1.9 million alone, according to a statement by the European Commission Representation in Romania.

The ECR ‘s clarification comes in the wake of the confusion of the MDPWH who was unable to provide a straight answer to the questions regarding the Phare funded portal designed for the Romanian SMEs

The website is part of a 6.2 million euros Phare project coordinated by the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing.

The total cost of the SMEs portal is 1.9 million euros, out of which 400,000 euros represent the equipment and technical services purchasing while 1.5 million were allocated to the concept and design, testing, research and maintenance. The Romanian Government's co-financing of 100,000 euros is aimed at the equipment purchasing.

The press release of the ECR adds that “it is not aware of any other sum employed for the SMEs portal”.