The imminence of a huge wave of graft investigations among Romania's football elite is taking shape in Romania, according to various sources.

The owners of two major Bucharest-based football clubs have already dropped by the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA), but this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg in an affair that threatens to include football federation bosses, players and referees.

Gigi Becali, owner of Steaua, the only Romanian football team to qualify in Champions League and George Copos, owner of Rapid have been summoned at the Anti-Graft Department. The hearings are part of a major inquiry focused on the whole internal football market which prosecutors believe thrives with sold games and shady dealings.

Cristi Borcea, the Sports head of another reputed Bucharest-based club, Dinamo, said he was sure his phone was tapped.

Among those already called by the prosecutors ares Cristi Borcea and other key figures of the Romanian football stage: Iuliu Muresan and Arpad Paszkany, Jean Padureanu or Marin Condrescu.

The investigation concentrates upon the 2006-2007 First League season where some 15 football clubs in Romania are under the spotlight.