Romanian deputies adopted on Tuesday a sub-commission report on the legality of the retrocession of the Bran Castle, known worldwide as "Dracula's Castle". By this vote, the Parliament fully assumes a report according to which the retrocession of the Castle was illegal and thus the Habsburg family are not the rightful owner, according to existing legislation.

The Habsburg family said that they will sue the Romanian state as they challenge the decision which they classify "a hint of political fight". Family lawyer Corin Trandafir said the decision was not judicially valid as the ownership acts would not change.

In his opinion, the decision brings serious prejudices to Romania as it reminds Soviet-style rulings.

The Habsburgs sent a letter to the Parliament in which they threated to sue the Romanian state unless the report was rejected.

The Castle, on of the most important Romanian brands, was returned to the Habsburg family in 2006 when the Culture Ministry and Dominic de Habsburg signed an agreement for the administration of the property stipulating that it should remain a museum for three years.