Romania’s prosecutors had a busy day on Monday as they launched procedures in a wave of cases involving a series of high profile personalities of political and business circles in Bucharest.

Former ministers, a top businessman and the incumbent Justice minister all heard their name linked to various scandals today as prosecutors are pushing for key investigations that have sparked a huge war within judicial circles.

The prosecutor general requested on Monday the approval of the Presidency for an inquiry on the name of former Economy minister Codrut Seres in two cases - one related to leaked classified economic information and one to the privatization of Romanian company Hidroelectrica.

Seres said this is a re-start of procedures in the case as according to a Constitutional Court decision earlier this year the approval of the Presidency for inquiries involving members of the government is now needed.

Meanwhile, a special presidency commission met on Monday to analyze a request by the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) to launch a criminal inquiry against incumbent Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, former Defense minister Victor Babiuc and former IT&C minister Zsolt Nagy for abuse in office and other charges in a case that gained prominence this month.

And Romanian businessman Gigi Becali, owner of Bucharest-based football club Steaua who is also known as a real estate mogul and populist politician, showed up at the DNA on Monday in a case that DNA sources said was linked to the privatization of the FC Steaua football club, once owned by the Romanian Defense Ministry.

Becali said prior to hearings that he did not know why he was summoned to the DNA.