The National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) called for Romanian President’s approval on Monday to open an inquiry on the name of Paul Pacuraru, the country’s Labor minister. A DNA press release says Pacuraru is accused of bribery in a case that according to sources close to the investigation includes clear proof of Pacuraru’s bribe-taking.

DNA spokeswoman Livia Saplacan told, however, that she didn’t know any detail related to the circumstances Pacuraru’s case was opened.

Minister Pacuraru said in a press conference on Monday that he has never even alluded to the possibility of getting illicit gains and that he wanted to know who would take responsibility when the charges would be proven false.

He said he would resign the very moment he’d be shown a recording, a request or a person saying that he claimed bribes. And he said none of his government colleagues could be accused of involvement in acts of corruption.

He said he would show up at the DNA on Tuesday to try and find out how it was possible to be charged without even being asked about his opinion about the situation.