Tens of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants who wish to work in Great Britain should face continuing restrictions for at least another year, the British Home Office believes, according to The Observer.

According to sources quoted by the newspaper, Home Office officials do not consider it is a good moment to open the the British labor market fully for Romanians and Bulgarians.

The plan of the Home Office contradicts the recommendations of the Foreign Secretary who considers that restrictions should be waived in a review this year.

A document of the FCO shows that worries regarding the flow of migrant workers from the two countries are not justified because the majority chooses to work in Greece, Italy and Spain.

Home Office announced it would review ther visa regime for new EU members Romaniaa and Bulgaria annually after their EU accession in January this year.

According to estimates quoted by The Observer, some 40.000 to 300.000 workers from Romania and Bulgaria would flow in Britain should the current restrictions be dropped.