Romanian Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu said in a press conference on Sunday that the bid of an internal audit regarding the anti-corruption strategy impact for 2001-2004 has been faked.

The audit allowed changes to how top prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) were chosen, which allowed the-then Justice minister Monica Macovei to name Daniel Morar, Chiuariu's nemesis today, to take over the helm of the DNA.

Freedom House, which conducted the audit, dismisses Chiuariu's allegations.

Chiuariu said he would submit an official complaint regarding the bid won by Freedom House. He added that the audit report of the Freedom House was made in 2004 before the bid for the audit was even started in 2005.

Freedom House head Cristian Guseth told news station Realitatea TV on Sunday that it was actually a request for offers to run the audit, not a bidding. “Freedom House was the only organization to send a project” said Guseth.

Freedom House thus rejects all accusations pointed by the Justice Minister.

Freedom House representatives also say the minister is citing wrong information and has no clear idea when the project was conducted. Thus, they argue that the project was done between February 1 and March 15 2005.

President of the Romanian Academic Society, Alina Mungiu Pippidi, is accused by Chiuariu of having forged the terms of the bidding.

Pippidi rejected his declarations and says for NewsIn news agency she wished she did not convince Freedom House to enter the project at the time.