The motion to bring down the government is the main concern in all headlines, along with Hagi's resignation from coaching Steaua Bucharest. Although both were long expected, each event had to find its way towards some "natural circumstances".

The opposition leaders had to convince their party members to sign the motion, Hagi had to let his employer come to his senses, or wait until completely losing patience.

After strongly opposing the motion to bring down the government, former Romania president, Ion Iliescu signed the document.

Along came other members of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), mostly his "subordinates" - Sorin Oprescu, Serban Nicolae, Ion Vasile, Nicolae Vacaroiu and even senator Razvan Theodorescu, who claimed a week ago that the motion "is stupid", Evenimentul Zilei reads.

This small success seems to have given wings to the PSD president, Mircea Geoana, who now feels strong enough to claim: "There can't be a new government without us.

We can't vote for a right-wing government (...) and I don't think they want to return to the formula after the elections, in order to have a majority in the Parliament", Cotidianul quotes.

On the other hand, president Traian Basescu couldn't care less. Although he was an active player in all the political scandals during the past two years, Basescu didn't come on stage these days.

Evenimentul Zilei finds out why: Basescu wants to lead his ship on its last sail, to a scrap yard. "Biruin]a", the ship Basescu sailed across the world, is now 23 years old and has to "put to sleep".

Threatened by the PSD motion, Liberals try to respond in the European elections, naming popular figures among the candidates. But things are never what they seem, as Cotidianul unveils one of the major mishaps in the way Liberals put up their list of candidates.

"The list opens with Renate Weber, president of the Soros Foundation, which was part in the Coalition for a Clean Parliament in 2003-2004 (...). The number 2 on the list is Daniel Daianu, former officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service and collaborator of Ceausescu's political police, Securitate, coming against the principles supported by Weber at the 2004 elections", the newspaper reads.

But principles last as long as they make a profit. "The NGO where I am president is no longer part of the Coalition for a Clean Parliament. As for my position, I don't think Daniel Daianu matches the risk criteria the Coalition established", said Renate Weber.