Romanian Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu defended himself for the first time on Wednesday against charges brought against him by anti-graft prosecutors this week as a huge scandal has engulfed the judicial system in Romania. But as he tried to prove his innocence before reporters today he made a series of comments that may well be legally abusive.

Chiuariu tried to prove that the DNA only acts on political commands and, in his argument, offered details about two closed files (with no criminal pursuit decided) and also about an ongoing file.

According to the Romanian law, such details are either reserved for the one who filed a criminal complaint and, eventually, the one accused (in the first case) and are restricted for the public (in the second case) until a solution is reached.

Chiuariu stated that the National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office acts as if it would be subordinated to president Traian Basescu and, even more, that it uses files for blackmailing or defending political or business leaders.

Among the examples offered by the Justice Minister one counts the head of the Conservative Party, Dan Voiculescu, the head of the Hungarian Democratic Union in Romania (UDMR) and a construction deal went somehow wrong in its time.

As for the prosecutor he "chased" for quite a while, Doru Tulus, Chiuariu still stands on his initial position: Tulus is not a competent prosecutor, given the fact that 9 out of 25 investigated files have "delays".