Medics, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians, architects and midwives in the European Union will be able to practice their job everywhere within the Union starting October 20 2007. A European Union directive, to be integrated in all member states legislation also regulates the required conditions applied for work abroad to workers in other fields of activity.

The head of Romania's European Affairs Department Adrian Ciocanea said that the directive first needs to be transmitted to all member states by October 20 2007.

According to the normative act, the European citizens wishing to work in another EU member state can do it with no other evaluations if the job is part of the general recognition system.

For the rest of the professions, member states can test the qualification of the solicitor and can propose a traineeship or an evaluation test.

The new legislation introduces the concept of the “common platform” which represents a set of criteria regarding professional qualifications which can be proposed to the Commission by professional organizations.