Alan Hill, president of Gabriel Resources, the group holding 80% of Rosia Montana Gold Corporation involved in the controversial mining project of Rosia Montana, says Romania is about to win a bad reputation in business.

His dissatisfaction comes after the Romanian Environment Ministry suspended the authorization process for the gold mine project at Rosia Montana for an unlimited period last week.

In an interview to the Canadian “The Globe and Mail”, Alan Hill said the decision was arbitrary and illegal.

He added that the decision was a flagrant disregard for the law as the minister itself was personally against the project.

Moreover, he warns foreign investors not to invest in Romania.

The Canadian daily says that Gabriel Resources has been trying to develop the gold mine project for almost a decade now but it faced fierce criticism from nongovernmental organizations.

Environment Minister Attila Korodi said in a press conference last week that the decision was taken because the urbanism certificate of the corporation was null.