Two people died and eight were injured in a powerful explosion in the Romanian city of Zalau in Western Romania on Friday. The blow occurred in a block of flats and completely destroyed the first store in what seems to be the result of a gas leak. According to authorities, the building may collapse any time as its support structure was affected.

A total of 19 families were affected by the explosion. Earlier in the day, it was announced that one person died in the deflagration, but after a long firefighters’ intervention another man was found dead in the rubble.

Families living there say they have been petitioning local natural gas distributor E.ON Gaz for two years as a strong smell of gas could be sensed both inside and outside the block of flats. The latest warning was sent on Thursday night but no team came to see what it was all about, they say.

Company representatives say it would provide support the affected families and that an internal inquiry would be launched.