Romania's most avid lover of luxury is businessman Gabriel Popoviciu, according to a new analysis of the luxury market produced by CPP Management Consultants. Popoviciu has outclassed the country's best known and richest businessmen including Dinu Patriciu of the Rompetrol group, media mogul and politician Dan Voiculescu or banker-insurer Ion Tiriac.

Gabriel Popoviciu is the main shareholder in the company owning Howard Johnson Hotel and Casa Doina restaurant. Popoviciu turned to business right after the Romanian 1989 anti-communist revolution when he first launched the KFC fast-food chain in Romania.

Now, Popoviciu is one of the biggest players on the real estate market and his name is involved in alleged frauds that have yet to be proved.

CPP Management Consultants Ltd. communicated for about eight months with the international companies in the luxury industry in trying to determine Romania's most prestigious luxury consumers.

The domains taken in consideration were: cars, fashion, accessories, jewelries, hotels, beauty&spa, private jets, yachts, travels.

Romania's biggest luxury spenders:

1. Gabriel Popoviciu - businessman

2. Dinu Patriciu - businessman

3. Dan Voiculescu and family - business people

4. Ion Tiriac and family - business people

5. Angela Gheorghiu - soprano

6. Carmen Adamescu and family - business people

7. Bobby Paunescu and family - business people

8. Prince Dimitrie Sturdza and family

9. Mihaela Radulescu - TV star

10. Anastasia Soare - stylist