The Patriarch elections schedules for today in the Holy Synod are the main subject in all newspapers, speculations being made almost bet-like on which high-ranked member of the clergy will take over the highest position of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR).

Even so, a piece of news which made a lot of noise on Tuesday - that a 9/11 terrorist called someone in Romania before the attacks - proves to be false news, the phone number being, in fact, German.

"The Holy Synod takes the secrecy up to the Patriarch election day", Gandul reads, upset that no press representatives will e accepted to assist to the sessions organized by the Holy Synod and the Church Electoral College.

"Today we meet God's collaborator" is the title in Cotidianul, which also speculates on the first three favorites in the race for the highest BOR position: Cluj Metropolitan Bishop Bartolomeu, Moldavia Bishop Daniel, and Oltenia Bishop Teofan.

The news about terrorist Mohammed Atta published by „Liberation” and quoted by all international media, proves to be false, Radio France International informed on Tuesday.

The number cited from an FBI report isn't, in fact Romanian, but that doesn't seem to bother the Intelligence officials in Romania, who already packed some surprises.

Senator Ioan Talpes, former security counselor of president Ion Iliescu (in 2001), says that the Intelligence Service was called to identify the phone number owner and that "they found someone, I believe".

Intelligence Service director Radu Timofte also confirms, in a way, the fact that Atta's contact was searched for: "I don't know if the documents are declassified or not, in order to answer your query", said Timofte for Evenimentul Zilei.

Speaking of security, the House of Deputies approved on Tuesday a law all media describes as "anti-NATO": the head of state, the prime minister, the ministers and all parliamentarians will have access to classified information without needing the obligatory "security certificate", Cotidianul informs.

In other news:

- Romania prime minister visits the Frankfurt Car Show in order to seal the privatization deal for Automobile Craiova with the Ford officials. "It is the first US industrial investment in Romania, after soda and fast food producers", announces Tariceanu. (Evenimentul Zilei)

- Social Democrat (PSD) head Mircea Geoana is about to expel from the party all those who opposed the PSD motion designed to bring down the government, including key figures like the former party presidents, Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase. (Evenimentul Zilei)

- Basescu will not get his new presidential airplanes, after the Government moved the funds from the Presidential Administration to railroad tickets subsidies. (Evenimentul Zilei)