Terror group Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has sent his first video message to the American people in three years as they are about to commemorate six years since 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The video was made public on Al Jazzeera television in Qatar on Friday and it presents the first images with Ben Laden after three years of silence. The terror mastermind, sitting at a table in front of a banner saying “A message from Bin Laden to the American people” promised the Americans a “special surprise”.

Parts of the Bin Laden video:

CNN official said the video is recent since Bin Laden refers to French President, Nicholas Sarkozy and the British PM Gordon Brown which were recently appointed in their positions.

According to the Reuters press agency, the American administration already received a copy of the video tape and handed it in to intelligence services for analysis.

White House spokesperson Tony Fratto said that the tape proved the fact that terrorists were still out there threatening the American people actively.

The tape is the first message Ben Laden sends in three years.

In July 2007, US Senate doubled the allocated reward for Osama’s killing or any other information that could lead to his death.

Moreover, Senators asked President George Bush to concentrate on catching the Al-Qaida leader after rumors appeared that the network was increasing its capacity to act.

The current reward for Osama Bin Laden is 50 million USD.