Romanian President Traian Basescu was released from a Bucharest hospital on Sunday after undergoing a surgical intervention on a thyroid nodule on Saturday.

He thanked the doctors and headed home accompanied by his wife, Maria. Basescu told journalists that he was feeling fine and that he trusted the medical team.

In a few days, Basescu will retake his responsibilities at the Cotroceni presidential palace. The Romanian President says he was not scared as he understood the pressure set on doctors when put in the position to perform a surgery that might affect his speaking ability.

The surgeon coordinating the intervention, Mircea Ghemigian said in a press conference that the President was in an excellent shape.

On Sunday morning, the Presidency issued a press release declaring that after the Sunday morning medical visit, doctors said his was a perfect shape and could leave the hospital.

The President suffered a medical intervention on Saturday, September 8th after a routine medical check in June identified a nodule in the thyroid.

The surgical intervention took an hour and forty five minutes.

President Basescu was hospitalized at the Military Hospital in Bucharest on Friday evening. He told the press that he was confident and trusted the team due to perform the surgery.

During the surgery, there was no transfer of prerogatives or interim president declared. “This problem is out of the question, given the fact that the intervention will only take an hour. It's hard to believe that a vital decision may be required within that hour", said the presidential spokesman.