The Kucima party, who's members threw eggs at the Romanian embassy in Kiev last week, addressed the Ukrainians, asking them to "defend the national borders". The leaders of the political block inflame the populace in Ukraine by pretending that Romania aims at bringing back some of its lost territory, mainly the Cernauti area.

Two political leaders demanded official apologies from the Romanian people for occupying the Ukrainian territory during the second world war.

The call was made by the Kucima leaders, Aleksandr Volkov and Aleksandr Zodorojnii. Media International Group ( informs that the two urge severe measures so that Ukrainian land wouldn't become Romanian.

The new born formation uses the Ukrainian nationalism as main electoral engine, expecting the general elections on September 30. The group is estimated at some 3% of all votes.

Kucima demands 1,000 euros per Ukrainian as war compensations and threatens to impose restrictions on Romanian merchandise, as economic sanctions, in case the compensations are denied.