Romanian-Ukrainian relations seem to be affected by a new problem, after several politicians in Kiev officially said that the Romanian state gives citizenship to all tens, even thousands of solicitors.

According to the Romanian ambassador in Ukraine, Traian Sebastian Hristea, the citizenship issue is new in this country and some officials in Kiev are worried about the great number of applicants.

Hristea says that "time solves everything", since Kiev officials are not listening to the arguments of the other side.

He added that, in reality, the number of visa solicitors is lower and it resumes to tens of applications of requesting or renewing Romanian citizenship.

The Ambassador explained for that between Romania and Ukraine there is a fundamental difference in what concerns the citizenship issue: while Romania permits double citizenship, Ukraine does not.

Last week, Romanian Justice Minister, Tudor Chiuariu declared that the government will modify the law on citizenship. The modification will set up an easier administrative procedure because it will reduce the bureaucratic formalities and it will shorten the time needed to deal with the requests.

According to the Minister, the ordinance will be approved on Wednesday by the Romanian Executive and will settle a big part of the requests still pending.