The Annual Gathering of the Romanian Diplomacy meets at Bucharest to decide its external political strategy for the upcoming decade under the motto: “References for a decade of external politics. Interests, values and instruments.”

Romanian Foreign Minister Adrian Cioroianu opened the talks on Monday morning by presenting the strategic landmarks of Romania's future foreign policy to be debated during the three-day conference. According to the minister, the new status of Romania as a EU and NATO-member country should reflect in the foreign affairs strategy of the country.

Thus, Romania should not necessarily allign to already defined common stands, but must provide its own registry of influence at European level and its own well-based initiatives.

Attending the meeting, Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu asked the ambassadors to give up their self-sufficiency and superficial attitudes.

Minister Cioroianu listed the strategic plans for the Romanian foreign policy. Here are the highlights of his speech:

● Romania needs to efficiently express its fundamental interests and deliver its own, proper line in what concerns European foreign affairs

● Romania should push for partnerships with EU countries. Take advantage of bilateral cooperation

● The minister pleaded for EU expansion, in need of a new political impulse. Romanian supports the EU candidacy of Turkey and Serbia.

● FOcus on energy security schemes, Afghanistan and Kosovo missions

● NATO Summit in Bucharest will mark the progress Romania made.

● Romania does not have to choose between the US and the EU

● Improve the visa programs for USA. Attract more foreign direct investments from USA

● Support pro-EU stance in Republic of Moldova

● Redraw Romanian - Russia relations through direct dialogue, pragmatism

● Romania is interested to see Ukraine follow an ascending trend

● Creation of a stability area for democracy in the Black Sea region

● Reconsider bilateral relations with the Middle Eastern states and involve more in Africa

● Take advantage of the capital of trust present in Asia

● Latin America is an important economic investment source

● Romania needs to involve more in human rights issues

According to Cioroianu, the conference will end on September 5 and will be attended by his French, British and Serbian counterparts.