The average net salary reached 1040 Romanian RON in July this year, a 1.7% boost as compared to the previous month and 23.5% higher than the similar month last year, the National Statistics Institute reported on Monday.

The highest salaries were reported in the financial and banking services sectors despite a by 15.6% drop as compared to the previous month. At the other extreme, the lowest salaries were registered in the wood processing industry with average incomes as low as 608 RON.

The real-terms salary gain grew by 1.4% in July this year as compared to the previous month and by 18.8% as compared the same time last year.

As compared to the previous month, salaries grew mainly due to benefits, indexes, salary negociations or production boosts. The highest rate of growth was reported in the hydrocarbon industry and connected services.

On the other hand, salary decreases were determined by benefits or lower productions.

In June 2007, the biggest salaries were in the financial sector with an average salary amounting to 3509 Romanian RON.