More money for the people - this is the mainstream idea promoted by Romanian politicians as they start the fall Parliamentary session on Monday.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD), the main Opposition group prepares a big package of social laws and found areas to promote fresh pensions boosts.

The far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM) promises to launch a “money for agriculture” operation while the Liberal Democrats (PLD), which claim the center-right position on the political spectrum, promise left wing policies including doubling the children monthly allocations.

Prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu's Liberals (PNL) are left to elaborate the 2008 draft budget in a political environment marked by upcoming European elections.

And the small opposition party of the Conservatives (PC) are by far champions of populism with three initiatives on their agenda: VAT cuts, more money for pensioners, and improved protection for people living on rent.

PNL, the liberal party has named its priorities in building the draft budget and passing a package of laws renewing regulations on the country's intelligence services.

The official legislative priorities declared by PNL will be the 2008 budget and the laws on national security. Liberal Senator Norica Nicolai says that the budget adoption will be very important since Romania needs to prove the EU that it is capable of absorbing Brussels funds.

In the September - December session, PNL is set to pass the laws regarding national security. Liberals dream of setting up a National Agency on Tapping Communications which will leave the current National Intelligence Service withough its right to eavesdrop on phone conversations.

PSD finds new niche for pension boosts

The first on the PSD agenda is a pensions boost which has already been adopted by the Tariceanu government and which is to be applied starting January 1, 2008.

Second on the agenda stands a social and economical package of laws. Third, laws regarding public administration.

Thus, nothing about a motion censure against the Tariceanu Government which PSD announced several weeks ago, stirring quite a fuss as the summer recess was coming to an end.

The far-right Greater Romania Party-PRM are promising to push for a set of laws to outlaw surveys. Another priority is a change to the laws regarding the elections for the European Parliament.

The Hungarian Democrats (UDMR, minor member of the government), stand for the rights of the minorities, like they always do. On the one hand, they are keeping a close eye on the budget allocations for the upcoming year to assure the necessary money for their education and electoral draft laws.

On the other hand, if UDMR succeeds in adopting a statute for ethnic minorities in Romania, they might gain some ground in the battle with the Hungarian Radicals.

Conservatives argue for VAT reduction for basic food

When it comes to populist agendas, the Conservative Party scores best: they stand for VAT reduction for food, creation of a solidarity program favoring pensioners and against taxing the reinvested profit.

Liberal Democrats argue for children allocations

As the electoral campaign is about to have its start, Liberal Demcrats market their leftist spot in arguing for improved children allocations.

Another project on their list is also leftist: setting up a national office for patients to stand for their rights.

The main supporters of President Traian Basescu, the Democrats (PD) focus their attention on pushing through changes in the electoral changes, aiming at imposing an uninominal voting system as soon as possible. The party will also focus on adopting measures to decentralize local administrations.