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Eggs Thrown at the Romanian Embassy in Kiev

Vineri, 31 august 2007, 0:00

One of the largest protests seen lately in Kiev took place on Thursday afternoon, with some 4,000 KUCIMA activists setting out a demonstration in front of the Romanian Embassy.
Demonstrants demanded the canceling of any territorial demands from Ukraine and official apologies from the far-right Great Romania Party, due to the claims on the Serpents’ Island, considered by Ukrainians as possession of the Cernauti and Odessa regions, “Delovaia gazeta” informs.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry confirmed for the information that eggs were thrown at the building hosting the Romanian Embassy. Foreign Ministry officials say they were warned about the event by the Ukrainian authorities, mentioning that police intervened with some delay, and only after repeated appeals from the Romanian staff.

The main demand of the manifestants was for Romania to drop all claims on the Serpents’ Island, a territory still disputed by the two countries in the International Court of Justice.

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