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What the newspapers say: August 31, 2007

Vineri, 31 august 2007, 0:00

As it often happens when weekends approach, the news in the Friday papers are rather scarce and pumped up to seem like worthy of the front page. Except for tragic news, papers don't see any common major event. European elections, censure motions and some new scandals with Romanian immigrants - these are the main subjects in the media on Friday morning.

"A lost motion" is the headline in Evenimentul Zilei. Lacking the news, the paper affords an extensive analysis on the censure motion the Social Democrat (PSD) opposition threatens to submit at the beginning of September.

Without any major allies - Liberals and Democrats would both lose points in case they make a deal with PSD - and with Great Romania, Conservatives and Hungarians supporting openly the Government, it seems that the much-discussed motion will be just another publicity stunt with minimum effects.

On the other hand, everything seems to go well with the European elections. 75% of Romanians say they already know about the approaching elections and that they will vote. Democrats are still the favorites, while president Basescu is still the most trusted politician, a recent poll, published by Jurnalul National, indicates.

Romanians in Italy are the source of a new growing scandal. After the authorities in Florence declared war on the immigrants washing cars' windshields at crossroads, the Italian Interior Minister, Giuliano Amato, promised a "zero tolerance policy" against the petty crime, Gandul reads.

In Bucharest, in exchange, everyone prepares their evening gowns and tuxedos for the "George Enescu Festival". Tickets were sold out weeks before the events for several evenings.
It seems that the Bejart balet sold everything on the very first day of ticket selling. The tickets are also exhausted for the Hesperion XXI ensemble, led by Jordi Savall, for the Victoria Mullova (violin) and Katia Labeque (piano) recital and Europa Galante (led by Fabio Biondi) show, Gandul informs.

As for Romania's neighbors, Ukraine is still refusing to accept Romania's rights over Insula Serpilor (The Serpents' Island) and claims that the Bistroe canal will have no impact in Danube's Delta. International court decisions will take between 12 and 18 months, so no clear result is in sight for the critical negotiations, Romania Libera reads.

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