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EU might limit access of foreign groups on the common energy market

Joi, 30 august 2007, 0:00

EU might limit access of foreign groups, especially the Russian ones on the European energy market by imposing them a reciprocity clause, shows a working document of the European Commission cited by Romanian news agency NewsIn, quoting Financial Times.

The document contains several options by which the EU might limit the access of foreign groups on its energy market. Moreover, the options protect the European electricity and transportation networks from being taken over.

According to Financial Times, the document studies the consequences of a European separation in the production and energy transportation sector.

The EC wishes that the separation be imposed to all groups that operate in Europe even if not European, EC spokesperson Ferran Tarradellas told AFP.

The report will be presented on September 19 and Tarradellas says that it takes into consideration the reciprocity concept, part of the EU energy policies.

A possible proposal for Brussels is to be granted the right to supervise any potential buyer while a radical solution would be defining energy as the strategic sector of Europe and redrawing foreign investments, FT informs.

Russia imposes severe restrictions on European investments and a reciprocity clause would affect Gazprom, a giant that constantly pushes for an ever stronger position on the European market.

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