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Romania-Moldova visa scandal

Foreign Affairs minister proposes publication of correspondence with Chisinau

Joi, 30 august 2007, 0:00

Romania Foreign Affairs minister Adrian Cioroianu said on Thursday that the misunderstandings between Bucharest and Chisinau relate to the refusal of Moldova to open new consular offices motivating that it is beyond the embassy’s power to deal with all visa requests. Cioroianu said in a press conference he would make public the official correspondence with Chisinau to dismiss any suspicion.

Cioroianu said that Moldova would not have anything against his idea. Moreover he said that there was no proof that Romania’s general consul, Alexandru Rus, has received or requested money from Moldovan citizens.

On the other side, Moldovan Foreign Affairs minister Andrei Stratan said that Romanian authorities were hiding the truth.

Cioroianu has received an official letter from the Moldavian Foreign Ministry in which his counterpart was signaling problems regarding the way Romanian visas were delivered to Moldovan citizens.

The results of the investigation relate that two women, one from a tourist agency and another from the Chisinau Philharmonics were facilitating Romanian visas for other Moldovan citizens.

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