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Who sells GMO's in Romania?

Luni, 27 august 2007, 0:00

Most Romanians (67%) refuse to consume genetically modified food with the highest rates of rejection reported in the southern regions of Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobrogea, according to a recent survey commanded by Greenpeace Romania.

Regardless of the fact that the Romanian law requires that all the food products containing more than 0.9% GMOs should be labeled as such, and that some supermarket chains in Romania claim they're not selling such products, the sale of GMO products is not excluded.

The biggest part of the respondents that would consume such products live in Moldova (21%). 72% of those living in the regions of Oltenia, Muntenia and Dogrogea completely reject the possibility.

Law 173/2006 regulating GMO food forces producers to label the food products containing more than 0.9% GMOs.

The survey regarding consumers’ preferences was realized by the Mercury Research company in between June 17-30 2007.

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