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Ethnic Hungarian political leader predicts disappearance of main Hungarian party in Romania

Luni, 27 august 2007, 0:00

Laszlo Tokes / AP Photo

Reformed bishop Laszlo Tokes, known worldwide as the man that sparked the anti-communist revolution in 1989 Romania, predicts in an interview for that the main political party representing the Hungarian minority in the country will disappear as its leader are "corrupt", "opportunistic" and "demagogues".

Tokes, leader of the Hungarian Civic Union - a union of small ethnic Hungarian groups in Romania - fiercely attacks the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), who are part of the government along the the Liberals.

He says UDMR is a totalitarian party and the "last bastion of communism in Romania".

Tokes mourns the fact that "after 17 years, an ethnic Hungarian has no possibility to choose" among multiple Hungarian political groups as UDMR is holding as the one Hungarian party in Romania. He is sure, however, that the Hungarian Civic Union would manage to become a fully fledged party and an political alternative to UDMR would thus arise.

He made the statements as ethnic Hungarian groups were trying to choose their candidates in the first European Parliament elections due to take place in Romania later this year. Tokes is seen as a representative of the hardline ethnic Hungarian groups, while UDMR is seen as a party representing the moderates.

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