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International markets recover after last week's shock

Romanian leu-euro exchange rate under pressure from the international stocks

Marţi, 14 august 2007, 0:00

European financial markets started recovering steadily after the dramatic fall of the last week of the share prices on Monday. The Central European Bank (CEB) supplemented as of Monday the market with another 48 billion euro informs the European press.

Despite the dramatic fall in the last week, the European stock markets started growing steadily but the CEB intervention decreased the euro quota.

On Monday, the Japanese Bank announced a new 3.75 billion euro injection on the monetary circuit to fight against the lack of liquidities in the market.

Financial Times informs that Monday morning, the main indicator of the English stock market grew by 1.8% while the Frankfurt one advanced by 0.8%. The Paris indicator increased with 1.1%.

According to BBC, at the market opening on Monday, the Tokyo stock market also registered a small advance.

After BEC intervention, the euro fell

After BEC intervened on the market, the European currency depreciated in regard to the dollar and the yen. According to Reuters, the euro quotation registered a 0.2% depreciation in regard to the dollar.

During the past weeks, the financial market was shaken by the real estate credits with a maximum risk in the States. After more American companies reported important losses on the market, the information determined a fall of the stocks.

To counteract the effects, CEB and the American Federal Reserve intervened, by injecting in the market 156 billion euro.

The phenomenon was felt in Bucharest also as the indicators of the Bucharest Stock Exchange registered important losses in the last transactions where almost all the shares of the companies listed were falling.

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