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What the newspapers say: August 13, 2007

Luni, 13 august 2007, 0:00

Newspapers today discuss a recent visit President Basescu made to Covasna, the Hungarian minority county to trough his support for the Hungarian radicals. More in then news, the Social Democrats push their leader to initiate a censor motion against the Liberal government.

In the Army news, Defense Minister Melescanu announces the intent of the army to set the technical, financial and political criteria used to purchase planes.

In an attempt to divide the Hungarian minority in terms of political capital, President Basescu announced his support for the radical wing, reads Gandul.

Even if the Hungarian Democrats form a small party, often times it has proven its relevancy in the Parliament. Moreover, the Hungarian Democratic Party (UDMR) is the most stable on the political scene.

However, President Basescu threatens to change the assigned order with his visit in Covasna, the Hungarian minority county. Gandul reads that Basescu assured the Radical leader, Szasz Jeno that his movement will receive the needed support to form another party.

The move threatens the political capital of the Hungarian Democrats since neither formation would pass the threshold in the Parliament if the Hungarian minority is dividing the political party choice.

The newspaper argues that Basescu pointed towards a need for pluralism and that he would sustain any new political initiatives.

After two years of gathering the necessary 25.000 signatures to form their party, the Radicals seem to have finally succeeded.

Adevarul focuses on the issue that differentiates the radicals from the moderates within the Hungarian community: namely that of territorial autonomy. If the Hungarian Democrats are cautious in opening up such discussion, the radicals are eager to stir things up.

More on the internal political debate, the Liberal government is threatened by a censor motion from the Social Democrats. Romania liberareads that Social Democratic leaders pushed Geoana, the Party President, to attack the Liberals.

Local leaders argue, according to the paper, that their party support for the Liberal government did not turn out satisfactory. Thus, they threatened that unless Geoana takes action, they will proceed in overruling his presidency.

Elsewhere in the newspapers today, Defense Minister Melescanu announces his decision to buy combat planes. Cotidianul reads that the minister takes into account not only financial and technical aspects but also the political one.

Thus, the paper argues that the purchase is more likely to be made from the Americans since the army needs to stand up to NATO standards.

On the other hand, the European producers compete with their F16 counterpart. Stakes are high since Romania, now an EU member country needs to satisfy both EU and US standards.

The newspaper reads that the planes will cost about 3.5 million euro and the contract would have to be signed this year. Melescanu announced that the planes will have to comply with the latest standards.

Cotidianul points to Romania’s neighbors that have purchased combat planes and find themselves in a similar position. Therefore, Poland bought F16 aircrafts while Bulgaria and the Czech Republic opted for the Swedish Gripen planes.

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