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What the newspapers say: August 9, 2007

Joi, 9 august 2007, 0:00

The news on all front pages is that the former Romania president, Ion Iliescu will soon be indicted for the leading and direct participation in the violent events during the miners' mayhem in 1990.
News from the rest of the country say that the Har-Cov area, populated by a majority of the Hungarians' minority, may soon see Romanian taught as a foreign language.

President Basescu unofficially visited the Har-Cov area and suggested that Romanian should be taught as a foreign language in local schools. According to Basescu, there is not only a problem with the lack of qualified personnel, but also one in the fact that many children from the rural area don't know a word in Romanian when they come to school.

"It is clear that one can't teach Romanian as if it was a child who spoke Romanian for the past seven years", said Basescu, according to Evenimentul Zilei.

In the same region, the president of the Hungarians' Democratic Union (UDMR) and T?kes L?szl?, head of six Hungarian civic organizations, started to negotiate a way to form an alliance. At this moment, none of the Hungarians' formations reaches the 5% threshold to gain Parliamentarian representation, for the first time after 1989, Cotidianul reads.

In other news:
- Evenimentul Zilei: The drought makes oil giant Rompetrol think about other wais to make a buck: digging for water. The oil company wants to take advantage on the existing drills and extract water.

- Cotidianul: Romanian ambassador Radu Onofrei is demanded by the Iraqi authorities as UN ambassador to Iraq. Onofrei served as representative of the International Coalition in Baghdad and has experience with the Iraqi affairs since the early '80's.

- Romania Libera: 54 parliamentarians offered 17 million euros as loans to commercial companies, relatives and friends. Conservative senator George Copos alone has to recover 11.88 million euros from his own businesses.

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