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Candidates for Patriarch seat, verified for Communist collaborations

Miercuri, 8 august 2007, 0:00

The Romanian Civic Forum (FCR) demanded CNSAS - the body researching the archives of Ceausescu's political police, Securitate - to verify whether the candidates for the supreme position in the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) were informers before 1989 or not.
Even more, FRC accused CNSAS of participating in the concealing of the priests' files.

"Those who know that they made deals with the Devil must step back and quit. We believe that the media pressure may determine them to withdraw from the race", said the FCR president, Adrian Iurascu.

CNSAS confirmed on Tuesday that 20 high-ranked priests will be searched for in the archives, all 20 being a plausible option for the future Patriarch seat.

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