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What the newspapers say: August 8, 2007

Miercuri, 8 august 2007, 0:00

The funerals of Romanian music icon Florian Pittis were attended to by hundreds or even thousands of people who loved him, despite de rain and the chill. All news become pale in front of the loss that makes it the front pages of all newspapers, be it for his Masonic functions, his music, his love for freedom or his career as an actor.

Besides the last road walked down by Pittis, Bucharest notes the first serious rain this summer, after two waves of scorching heat. Green and red lights in the city broke down, several streets were flooded, trees fell again on streets or parked cars, Jurnalul National reads. No true news, just the same old story as after any storm.

Romania Libera, on the other hand, found out that over one million trees are about to fall in Bucharest, because they are over 30 years old. Officials say they want to cut them down and replace them with younger trees, but blame locals for opposing the idea.
Most Bucharest inhabitants complain about the lack of green space and fear that the trees would be simply cut down, not replaced, as it already happened a few times around Bucharest.

The elections for the future Patriarch will begin after CNSAS - the body entitled to study the archives of Ceausescu's political police, Securitate - confirm that the candidates weren't informers of the Communist regime, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The access to the files of priests was denied by the recently deceased Patriarch Teoctist.

In other news:

- Evenimentul Zilei: The main attraction of the incoming BCR Tennis Open Romania will be a game between game legends Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles.

- Jurnalul National: "Nuclear plant built with scrap iron" is the title of an article about the Bulgarian plant in Belene, which employs outdated Russian technology and components already out of use. The plant would be built only 100 kilometers far from Bucharest.

- Cotidianul: Iulius Winkler, the new IT&C minister, sworn in on Tuesday, in front of president Basescu, in what some call "the shortest official ceremony ever", the event taking only 5 minutes and skipping the champagne and photo sessions.

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