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Schools in Italy, Spain to teach Romanian language, culture and history

Miercuri, 1 august 2007, 0:00

The Government approved on Wednesday the Education Ministry projects on teaching classes of Romanian language, culture and civilization in Spanish and Italian schools, mainly in regions where the Romanian communities are well represented.
The pilot projects will consist in introducing the educational offering for extra-curriculum classes, two hours per week, in all forms of education up to high-school.

The classes will teach basic notions of Romanian language, history and geography.

Education minister Cristian Adomnitei mentioned that the required personnel will be drafted from the very communities where the classes take place, if possible. However, Pedagogy high-school graduates will be elected for the primary school, while a specialized faculty is a must for teaching in the secondary schools.

The protocol for the initiative was already signed with the Spanish counterpart and it is expected for the Italians to join before the end of the month.

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