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Drought leaves Ankara and parts of Greece without water

Miercuri, 1 august 2007, 0:00

Turkish authorities will rationalize the water consumption in the region of Ankara, after the high temperatures and the drought caused the severe diminishing of the available water resources. Starting on Wednesday, water provisioning will cease four days a week in each of the two sectors of the city, AFP informs.

A month ago, the car washing and the green space sprinkling were forbidden in the 3.9 million people capital.

In Greece, the authorities instated on Tuesday the emergency state in the Cyclades islands, well known as holyday destinations.

According to Reuters, the Interior Minister took the decision in order to force authorities to improve their water provisioning measures.

The Kimolos island governor, Theodoros Maganiotis, warned that the water supplies are exhausted and there are no good prospects for the following days.

Water shipments towards the Cyclades islands were also delayed, thus participating in the aggravation.

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