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Experts' dilemma: how much can we blame humans for the unusual weather?

Joi, 26 iulie 2007, 0:00

Europe witnessed during the past month the most unusual weather phenomena. While the South - East was scorched by unprecedented high temperatures, the United Kingdom faces major floods, the most important during the past 50 years.
While the international media rushed to present all kinds of explanations, the figures remain clear and extreme. The only common conclusion of specialists is that the weather suffers severe transformations.

BBC published on Thursday an article quoting a series of environmental experts.

Global warming will produce extreme weather phenomena, but there are no specific events that can be considered as a direct result of the global warming, says climate expert Malcolm Haylock.

Most experts agree that the average temperature on the globe will grow between 1.1 and 1.6 degrees Centigrade before the end of the century. Still, floods and drought can not be considered as caused only or mostly by the human activities.

Other experts rush to prove that human activities are the only cause: "We have the clear prove that the man has a huge influence on the way precipitations form. We have to fight the effects caused by the climate changes and we must improve our flood protection systems", says Nathan Gillet, professor at the Climate Research Department of the East England University.

"Globe and Mail" predicts that Canada, Russia and the Northern Europe will face extremely heavy rains during the following years.

Researchers involved in a study conducted by the "Nature" magazine say they identified connections between the way precipitations spread and human activities.

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