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What the newspapers say: July 23, 2007

Luni, 23 iulie 2007, 0:00

All the newspapers today comment on the extremely heat wave which has been affecting Romania Romania with temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius in all the country. Also in the papers today, professionals and citizens alike start to worry about climate change and ecological projects that could give a nudge to the Romanian climate.

More on the topic, magistrates revoked a key authorization of Gabriel Resources in the gold mining area of Rosia Montana for assessing the impact of mining upon the environment.

100 meteorologists work in night shifts to forecast weather changes, reads Cotidianul. The paper describes the standard equipment meteorologists use as a requirement of the World Meteorology Organization that cause differences between the actual temperatures in the cities and the ones forecast.

While meteorologists forecast 40 degrees Celsius, in towns with heavy traffic and lack of green areas, air temperature can reach up to 48 degrees Celsius.

The paper reads about the code warnings and their different meaning: a green code signifies that there are no dangerous phenomena. The yellow code describes temporarily dangerous phenomena with temperatures between 35 to 38 degrees Celsius.

However, the orange code warning, installed in Romania for the past days, delineates temperatures between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.

In a more optimistic voice, Gandul reads that temperatures will fall in the upcoming period, from July 25 to August, 12.

The paper cites the director of the National Meteorology Administration, Ion Sandu arguing that temperatures will not pass 30 degrees Celsius.

However, Ion Sandu avoided any long term predictions when asked whether the Romanian climate has changed and will maintain like this in the coming years.

Evenimentul Zilei talks about the lack of bottled water in the capital city, as the producing companies did not expect such big sales.

Adopting a more general view on the recent changes of weather condition in Romania, Adevarul reads about ecological projects. The paper reads about possible environmental projects as countering the extreme weather effects.

The first to take the initiative in Romania, the paper summons citizens to be more aware of the climate effects.

Even though environment awareness is low in Romania, the paper summarizes the main countries to take the subject serious such as Germany or USA. The two counties not only present involved citizens but also register green political movements.

In Europe, green movements start gaining ground as time passes by. Given the regional involvement in the issue, the paper gives Romanian citizens and politicians a nudge to take action.

Romania libera reads about the renewed clashes between environmental militants and Rosia Montana Gold Corporation over the gold mining project in Rosia Montana, eastern Romania and its effects upon the environment and the local population.

The two parties have been confronting each other for about three years already. This time around, environmentalists gain the upper hand as a court withdrew an authorization from Gabriel Resources. The document was key in continuing evaluations over the viability of the Rosia Montana gold mining project.

In defending the ecologists, Church representatives appeal to the Environment Ministry to save the region from the imminent exploit of Gabriel Resources.

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