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Bulgarian President: former secret police informer

Vineri, 20 iulie 2007, 0:00

The Bulgarian committee researching communist secret service archives announced on Thursday that the present leader in Sofia, Gheorghi Parvanov, was an informer. Parvanos, former member of the communist party, with the undercover name “Gotse” was considered an informer of the secret police from October 4 1989 to July 16 1993, relates AFP.

The committee confirmed that it disposes of signed documents from the agent that contacted Parvanov but mentioned it does not dispose of any actually written documents of the current president.

A law passed in December 2006 in the Bulgarian Parliament obliges authorities to open all security archives. However, the law does not mention the legal consequences applied to former agents and informers.

Parvanov admitted his name is found in the Bulgarian secret service archive after accepting to give the Foreign Affairs Ministry his history thesis on Macedonia, written in the communist period.

The President says that his dossier contains information regarding his activity as a consultant and editor of a book, but denied any direct collaboration with the security.

The committee identified other six agents and former collaborators among candidates running for European Parliamentary elections taken place on May 20, three among former constitutional judges and 15 among the Supreme Court of Magistrates.

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