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Orange code warning

Romania boils at over 40 degrees Celsius

Vineri, 20 iulie 2007, 0:00

Source: ANM

Almost all regions across Romania are facing extreme temperatures on Friday, according to meteorologists. Just as the day before, temperatures on Friday will increase up to 40 and even 42 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists instated an orange code warning for 21 counties including Bucharest, the capital city.

Meteorologists warn that on Thursday temperatures will vary between 24 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees. The comfort index that indicates the humidity level will often go beyond the 80 threshold.

In Bucharest, weather remains extremely hot, especially at noon. The maximum temperature will reach 39 degrees Celsius.

UPDATE: Meteorologists expanded on Thursday the orange code warning for extreme temperatures to 32 Romanian counties. Affected counties will face high temperatures of more than 39-40 degrees Celsius, peaking at 41-42 degrees, between July 19-22. A red code may be issued in the week-end.

Authorities warn the population to be cautious and not expose to the sun between 10am and 5pm without sun glasses, hats or an umbrella. Medics inform the population to avoid alcohol and coffee.

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