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What the newspapers say: July 19, 2007

Joi, 19 iulie 2007, 0:00

Newspapers today highlight the President’s decision to promulgate the pensions law in a criticizing voice towards the government and the Finance Minister.

Elsewhere in the papers, meteorologists warn that today temperatures will reach 41 degrees Celsius and install a red code warning.

And talking about warnings, the new public television director pressures the News Department for objectiveness.

All papers read about Basescu’s decision to finally promulgate the pensions law in a criticizing voice toward the government and the Economy Minister.

Gandul signals Basescu’s disapproval with the law and underlines the two main reasons the President invoked for promulgating the bill: namely, the first boost needs to start on September 1 and the budget can cover it and second, all political parties in the Government agree with the law.

The President warns he would not take responsibility for the consequences of the boost since by 2013, Romania’s deficit will amount to 30 billion euro and the effects of the law would be unable to support.

Evenimentul Zilei underlines the Presidents’ criticism towards the government which he calls incompetent and coward enough to take any measures. Given this, the President refuses to take any responsibility for the impact of the law upon the budget in the following years.

On the other hand, reads the paper, Economy Minister challenges Basescu to debate his criticism in a special talk show in order to confront their different economic analyses regarding the effects of the law.

Romania Libera reads that Basescu’s hostile attitude affects not only the incumbent government but also the credibility of the Romanian economic performance in the years to come.

The paper cites influential Romanian politicians who comment that Basescu’s decision was predictable, since he did not have any other solution than promulgate the law. In refusing to pass the law, the draft would be sent back in the Parliament where parties would re-vote it for sure.

When it comes to the weather, everything is crystal clear: temperatures will reach 41 degrees Celsius, today being the hottest day of the season.

Adevarul reads that meteorologists warn they'd install a red code warning if temperatures register 41 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, there are forecast saying 21 counties in Romania will affected by the heat wave.

Temperatures have serious effects: threaten lives, cause transportation restrictions on both trains and trucks heavier than 7.5 tons as both the road and rail temperature reached 60 degress Celsius.

Hospitals are under assault: more than 11.000 emergency cases presented in the last couple of days and authorities registered 3,000 calls a day for ambulances.

More about warnings, Cotidianul reads that Alexandru Sassu, the proposed Social Democrat director of the Romanian public television, pressures the news department to be more objective and check the news before making them public.

Cotidianul cites sources among the editorial staff who argue that Sassu firmly expressed his dislike on how the department works.

Former director, Tudor Giurgiu told Cotidianul that such meetings are normal, and is not a political pressure signal, as inside sources indicated.

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