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PM in video conference with prefects on drought

Extreme weather: temperatures expected to rise again after August 12

Luni, 16 iulie 2007, 0:00

PM Tariceanu held a video conference with local representatives of the government on Monday to establish the measures needed to be taken in the next period to counteract the effects of a long period of drought still affecting Romania.

Ion Sandu, general director of the National Meteorology Administration said that next week temperatures, which are expected to remain very high these days, would fall before growing again starting August 12.

The Romanian PM underlined the fact that weather conditions and forecast are by far a secret - as alleged in a Bucharest-based newspaper today - and that the government was working closely with specialists to prepare the population for extreme weather conditions in advance.

Ion Sandu added that after July 22 the country would maintain its yellow code as the temperatures would fall by 2-3 degrees Celsius. However, starting August 12, temperatures will increase again tremendously.

Tariceanu summoned local officials to have them better involved in counteracting the drought, to set up lists of vulnerable persons and to offer catering services so that they would not be forced to exit their homes.

The PM announced that there were 374 points of water distribution and 339 first aid tents to help passers-by in 180 towns across the country.

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