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Initiative Romania study: Advertising market to grow 34% in 2007

Luni, 16 iulie 2007, 0:00

The advertising market in Romania will continue its years-long ascending trend in 2007 with the overall ad spending expected to grow 34% and the Internet advertising growth exceeding 60% this year, according to the 2007 Media Fact Book published by Initiative Romania.

Online advertising, while still on the bottom end of many planners, is expected to witness a spectacular growth on the Romanian market this year. Initiative expects a boost from 5,4 million euro in 2006 to over 8,5 million euro in Internet ad spending this year - a lot less than the mainstream media, where television remains king with some 485 million euro ad spend expected this year.

The Internet segment is thus still affected by the advertising gap.

The document presents sales volumes by rate card but focus on each sector in net sales data. The advertising market by rate card considerations rose to 4,156 million euro in 2006, 37% more than the previous year. Even though the score do not reflect reality, it is useful in designing the global tendencies.
The document notes that Romania is still, as expected in the current phase of economic development, a TV-driven market with TV ads amounting to 89.4% and total spending by rate card and to 62% in net sales terms.

The radio market grew substantially with 26% of sales, maintaining a 6% out of total sales.

When it comes to print media, Initiative expects a 8% increase of total spending this year, a boost due to the dynamics of the sector.

Moreover, Initiatives forecasts a development of the print media in the digital zone (online editions, blogs).

The Romanian market confirmed its power and potential in 2006 on the Internet, the document says, as online ads are expected to amount to 8.7 million euro in 2007, as compared to 5.4 million in 2006.

Internet access has been consolidated in the past year, as the number of connections grew by 135% as compared to 2005.

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