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The "Coat Hanger" operation:

Romanian Police confiscate 45 kilos of cocaine before reaching Italy

Vineri, 13 iulie 2007, 0:00

Romanian Police captured 45 kilograms of cocaine shaped as coat hangers on Friday. The drugs, worth some 4.5 million euros on the black market, were about to be exported by an Italian citizen "operating" in Romania, to be sold in Europe.

77 man suits, sitting on 77 cocaine hangers were sent from Venezuela to Romania, a Police official release informs. After monitoring the market and some undercover investigation, the dealer, owner of a Bucharest-based company, was apprehended. Hours later, an official document pointing at 39-years old Gilio Luciano as true beneficiary, arrived in the Romanian customs.

Police suggested the court judges to decide the preventive custody of Luciano for international high-risk drug trafficking.

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