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Romanian doctor leaves behind dozens of lawsuits

Joi, 12 iulie 2007, 0:00

One year after Nicholas Bartha, the Romanian doctor in New York, killed himself by blowing up his house in Manhattan, an endless series of lawsuits battle over his heritage, asking for millions in compensations.
At least ten persons sued the lawyers company which handles Bartha's wealth, as well as his daughter, Serena, for the trauma and the losses caused by the explosion put up by the doctor.

Complaints come from the doctor's personal assistant, Ileana Cora, and two of the three persons who were on the street when the house exploded. One of the wounded, journalist Jennifer Panicali, demands five million dollars compensations for having the face cut by the glass debris.

A golf club near the house sued Bartha's wife and two daughters, accusing them of not stopping Bartha, although they were aware of his plans.

“The Links Club“ on the 62nd street sued the electricity and gas distribution company ConEdison for not investigating properly the gas leak from Bartha's house and for continuing to provide natural gas, despite the fact that the home counter suffered "illegal interventions".

Experts say its is unlikely for the claims to be satisfied, given the fact that the money from the heritage must be used to clean up the place and to pay lawyers.

The Manhattan Supreme Court also decided that Bartha's wife must receive 4 million dollars.

The surface freed after the explosion was sold for 8.3 million dollars to the Russian Investments Group, which will build a 30 million dollars residence.

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