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"Oligarch" had phoned tapped illegally

Marţi, 10 iulie 2007, 0:00

Bucharest Tribunal decided that call interceptions of Dinu Patriciu, one of the richest Romanian business man, conducted by the Intelligence Service are illegal, NewsIn reports on Tuesday. President Basescu repeatedly pointed at Patriciu as one of the major "oligarchs" who run the backstage affairs in Romanian politics.

The magistrates invoked as reasons for the sentence various European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decisions who classify the Romanian law on national security as one that breaches human rights.

The court added that ECHR rules clearly state that surveillance is only a measure, exceptionally taken to defend democratic institutions. In this particular file, this was not the case, so judges ruled that the Intelligence Service should pay Patriciu a considerable amount for moral compensations.

Patriciu recently sued the institution for illegal call tapping, arguing that the Service violated his intimacy.

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